Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Puppy Adventure, Pt. 2

A couple days, a successful surgery and a healthy chunk of change later, our little patient is home and doing fine! She gets her bandages taken off on Friday. Then her sutures get removed in 10-14 days and she'll be good to go. She's supposed to have "restricted activity" for 8 weeks but if today is any indication, she may have other ideas. Oh well, at the very least we're keeping her from doing any jumping.

Oh, and she also successfully went #1 and #2 outside today!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Puppy Adventure

Apparently discontent with the already high number of changes in our lives recently, Denise and I took the plunge and decided to get a puppy that we both fell in love with yesterday. She's a 10-week-old American Eskimo/Papillon mix named (Captain) Morgan.

Oh, but that's just the start of the adventure! After only owning her for a mere 2 or 3 hours, Denise came back downstairs with her after showing her to her parents. As she was bending over to put Morgan down, she suddenly kicked away and fell awkwardly onto the berber carpet downstairs. She immediately started to yelp loudly and her front paw seemed to dangle oddly.

So... off to the vet we went. We learned that she had a clean break of the two bones in her lower limb and she'll need to have surgery tomorrow. As you can probably imagine, that won't be cheap!

It's now 11:30pm and we're home... puppy-less. She's staying overnight at the vet and probably tomorrow as well. Denise is obviously a little broken up over the whole matter and she feels a little guilty for "breaking our puppy". But hopefully in a week or so, she'll be good as new. Both of them. :)