Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fricken Weather!

I'm very confused. It was over 80 degrees last week (which broke at least one record). Heck, it was 50 degrees yesterday. All the sudden, last night it got snowy and windy. On my way into work this morning, it was still very windy and a bone-chilling 18 degrees out! What the heck?! It's April!!


  1. Gotta love that Minnesota weather. On the other hand, it's been in the 80's and near 90 here and sunny all week. In other words, beautiful!! It's going to be even better in a little over a week from today when I have a pool in my backyard to help me enjoy that warm weather.

  2. We'll modestly chime in that we've been swimming several times, starting on St. Pat's Day, and plan on being in the pool at least each of the next 3 days when temps will be 90 and 91. Being dry and high altitude, of course, means that nights are cool, sunsets gorgeous, and . . . why didn't we move sooner again? I forget . . . !!