Monday, April 30, 2007

Home improvement continues...

Even though I haven't posted in week and a half, I've been far from idle. The carpet's all finished and looking (and feeling) awesome. Next up came the kitchen. That little project got a much-needed shot in the arm when Denise and I were at Ikea a week and a half ago.

It turns out Ikea sells kitchen cabinets that are pretty nice and very reasonably priced. So I got to work ripping my old cabinets out and installing the new ones (pictures here). Throughout the process, I have to say I've been very impressed with Ikea's attention to detail. They really thought of everything and all of the mounting hardware seems ingenious and, for the most part, foolproof.

I should be finishing up the cabinets tonight. I did have one minor mishap this morning. I was trying to finish up the cabinets while I waited for the granite guy to come and measure for the countertops. Anyway, I was opening cabinets door boxes with a scissors and at one point it got stuck momentarily and managed to clamp down on my right, middle finger, practically slicing the tip off. It took me close to a half hour just to get the bleeding to stop.

In other news, last Wednesday through Friday, my walls got a much needed painting. Those pictures can be seen here.