Saturday, May 26, 2007

New car

It's the end of an era: I traded in the BMW 330CI on a '07 Audi A3. I never saw myself driving a hatchback (although Audi calls it a "compact wagon"... even though "wagon" also has a fairly negative connotation in my book), but it sure is a cute little bugger! And even though it's a hatchback, it only loses 3 cubic feet vs. the A4 sedan.

It has the same 2.0T engine as in the Volkswagen Jetta. Although I wasn't necessarily looking for it, I ended up getting one with the S Line Package (i.e. sporty). Another feature I wasn't looking for but am sure glad I got, Audi's "open sky" feature. It actually gives it TWO sunroofs, although only the front one moves. Pretty cool having a sunroof over the back seat too!

Yet another feature I didn't really need, a navigation system. But I haven't even had the opportunity to play with it yet. Because it was pre-owned, the dealer didn't have the navigation DVD or even my manuals, which took away my favorite part about buying a new car: reading the manual!