Saturday, June 30, 2007

Old-fashioned date night

Like really old-fashioned. Like right out of the 70s. First up was a trip to the Taste of Minnesota where we dined on corn-on-the-cob, a corn dog for Denise and a foot-long hot dog for me. Oh yeah, and we rocked out to the Village People (see ├╝ber-lame cell phone video number one or number two).

We decided we didn't want to wait around for the couple hours after the Village People (mercifully) ended until the fireworks started so we headed out. Continuing 70s night, we stopped by the A&W drive-in. I, of course, had a root beer freeze. But for some unknown reason (I think she was dropped on her head as a child), Denise doesn't like root beer.

Not quite wanting to go home yet, we played a little late-night bingo. Despite coming close a few times, we won exactly $0.

Oh, and I almost forgot, after A&W we stopped to get the car washed. Check out video below of Denise being entertained by it. She's so easily amused!

The fun continues tomorrow when we head to Valleyfair!