Sunday, July 1, 2007


Denise and I spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon at Valleyfair today. The weather says it only got up to 83 degrees but it felt warmer walking around in the sun. So it felt pretty good to ride on a couple water rides.

I thought the new Renegade coaster was really fun but Denise thought it was a little too--as she put it--"rickety". In my opinion, that's pretty much what can be expected from a wooden roller coaster.

I'm not typically one to fall prey to carny games, but the ginormous stuffed Stewie doll just called to me and I felt compelled to win it... for Denise, of course. On the 5th try, I was victorious.


  1. Been searching for one of those "ginormous" Stewie dolls for my daughter. Could you reply with the name of the manufacturer?


  2. Sorry I can't help you out but Stewie is no longer with us. We just moved and the wife didn't think that was important enough to make the move. Too bad you didn't let me know a few months ago, I think we ended up just throwing it out!