Wednesday, August 1, 2007

35W Bridge Collapse

Holy $@#!

Tonight on my way home I was very puzzled when I was forced to stop and turn around. Not sure what to do, I headed another way. Traffic was stopped. All the sudden there were emergency vehicles literally everywhere. Confused, I was starting to wonder if this was related somehow. Turning on the radio, I heard one of the more amazing things I'd ever heard: the 35W bridge over the Mississippi right outside my building had collapsed... during rush hour.

Near as I can tell, it happened not even 5 minutes before I would've been driving right underneath it. Freaky.

After a number of detours, I finally made it home. When I first grabbed my camera and headed out, it was absolute chaos. There were people running confused everywhere... including firefighters and police. When I first walked out, I was literally standing right next to one piece of the collapsed bridge. There was a car on fire not 100 feet from me. But as time passed, police kept shooing us away.

Easily one of the most insane things I've ever seen.

Check out my pictures here.


  1. I was thinking that you would have an amazing view of this Tim. Amazing pictures!

  2. I agree with Matt. I don't know how many times I've driven over that bridge. It was pretty surreal looking at the damage photos and videos over the past couple days. It was definitely freaky trying to explain things to people around here about where that was and how far above the river that bridge is and what the river is like right there. I was telling them that if an SUV can get swept away in washes here in AZ during monsoon season, the cars and bodies in the Mississippi are going to easily get swept away. Sure glad you guys weren't anywhere near that bridge when it went Tim.