Monday, August 6, 2007

Thank God for Small Favors

A couple small tidbits in this morning's news should help me immensely (from this article):

  • Motorists on southbound I-35W will be able to reach the 4th Street/University Avenue exit via a single lane. Previously, southbound drivers could go no farther than Stinson Boulevard.

  • Northbound I-35W will continue past the I-94 east exit to the 3rd Street and University of Minnesota exits

That first one would mean a lot more if the 10th Ave. bridge was open since that's the way I usually come home from that direction.

Another bright spot is hearing this morning that removal of cars and debris begins today. And that the stone arch bridge reopened yesterday giving people a place to look at the bridge site from. What that hopefully means is a drop in the ridiculous number of gawkers around my building.