Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bush Visit

Bush came to visit yesterday which was an extreme hassle for everyone on my block. Our entire block was basically on lockdown considering his motorcade drove right past my building.

What seems a little ridiculous to me is this. Everyone is curious to see the site. As frustrating as it is at times having all of these gawkers right on my street, I understand that it's natural to want to see it. I can say at least for myself that seeing it in person is so much different than seeing it on the news.

And yet the authorities are trying to keep people from getting anywhere near it. But any politician who's remotely curious about it is immediately granted permission to go right down to it and see it for themselves.

Heck, it would make my life much easier if they would just set aside a safe area where people can see it. As is evidenced by the news of 2 people arrested for tresspassing after scaling a 10-foot fence and crossing 3 police tape lines just to see it, people obviously want to see it and will try to find a way. Besides, It would mean less gawkers on my street!