Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back Home

It's good to be back but at the same time, it kinda sucks that it's over. Here are some stats from the road:
  • Total distance driven: 4,365 miles.
  • Number of states driven through: 17, not including the District of Columbia (MN, IA, MO, IL, KY, TN, GA, FL, SC, NC, VA, MD, PA, NJ, OH, IN and WI).
  • State capitols driven through: 7, once again not including D.C. (Des Moines, IA; Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Richmond, VA; Harrisburg, PA; Madison, WI and St. Paul, MN).
  • Most expensive gas seen: $4.19 somewhere in PA.
  • Number of Wal-Mart trucks seen: 51.
  • State with most dangerously conservative drivers: Iowa.
  • State with most dangerously insane drivers: Florida.
  • Money spent on tolls: somewhere in the $30-40 range... stupid northeast.
  • Philly cheesesteaks consumed by yours truly: 2.
  • Number of viscious sea gull attacks resulting in loss of pizza: 1.

Our full approximate route can be seen here.

Pictures can be seen here.