Monday, May 5, 2008

Honeymoon: Day 1

As Denise and I kept saying, it's a good thing we weren't flying anywhere. What with packing, returning pianos, bringing unopened booze back to the liquor store and dropping my parents off at the airport, today was busy enough without having to worry about departure times and airport security. Not surprisingly, we didn't end up officially leaving until about 4:30 so we had to deal with a little rush hour heading out of the Twin Cities.

We were very excited to officially receive our first "honeymoon upgrade" at Avis. We had a full-size reserved but the dude at the counter upgraded us to a "premium"... namely a black Dodge Charger.

For those not familiar with our plans, we're trying not to plan out more than a day or two in advance. And since we had absolutely no time between the wedding and this afternoon to think anything over, we just jumped on 35 and headed south. So we spent the afternoon taking a very uneventful drive through Iowa to West Des Moines.

Day 1 Route