Sunday, May 18, 2008

Honeymoon: Day 14

We had a blast at Six Flags Great America today! Although Denise hated the very first ride we went on, the Superman Ultimate Flight ride. Don't get me wrong, Denise is no wuss when it comes to rides, she pretty much goes on them all. But she hates the ones where it's only the harness that lowers when you get on that's keeping you from a painful, messy death. And the Superman ride is the epitome of that.

Similar to the Batman ride (which we rode on twice and loved), where you're hanging from the track, the Superman ride throws in an extra twist. Just before it starts, the chairs spin you forward 90 degrees so you're facing the ground which, as the name would indicate, gives the illusion that you're flying like Superman. I thought it was a blast but Denise, not so much.

And as long as I'm apparently reviewing rides, the Raging Bull has to be the freakiest roller coaster I've been on so far! The only disappointment of the day is that the new Dark Knight coaster was just days from opening! We'll have to come back for that one. ;)

Anyway, we left around 5:30pm and drove a few hours up to Baraboo, WI, near the Wisconsin Dells.

Day 14 Route