Friday, February 15, 2013

Road Trip: Day 1

Day One of our odyssey with a final destination of Disneyland launched a little later than we had planned.  We had to give the house a final once-over since it's on the market and we had a three year old to get going.  We officially got on the road around 10:30am and after 471.2 miles we're in Lincoln, NE.  Despite the fact that Calvin kept asking if we're going on vacation, he did very well!

The highlight of the trip was definitely The Amazing Pizza Machine in Omaha.  That place puts Chuck E. Cheese to shame!  It's enormous and the games are crazy!

We started a new tradition today where we ask Calvin what his favorite thing was that we did today.  Would he say hitting the great open road with Mom and Dad? Going to the awesome pizza place?  No, it was jumping on the beds in the hotel!

Tomorrow we head to Denver!