Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Road Trip: Day 5

Today we were at the Disneyland gates waiting to be let in when they opened at 9am.  Calvin couldn’t contain his excitement!  We briefly saw Mickey and Goofy on the way in but we had to hurry past and make it in time for the “character breakfast” reservations Denise had scheduled for 9:10.  Fortunately, the sighting seemed like it was too quick and Calvin was too amazed to really realize what was going on.  But once we got to our breakfast at the Plaza Inn, it finally sunk in that he was actually going to get to meet some of the characters that he’s seen on TV for as long as he can remember.  Anyone who’s seen a three-year-old go through that can attest to how absolutely touching it is.  During the course of breakfast, Calvin got tableside visits from Minnie, Chip and Dale, Captain Hook, Rafiki, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore.

With the exception of the break we took for lunch and to rest in the hotel room, the majority of the day was spent going on rides.  We went on a Buzz Lightyear ride, an underwater submarine Finding Nemo one (twice – Calvin loved that one), a jungle cruise, a Roger Rabbit ride (who’d have thought that would still be around?), a Winnie the Pooh ride, a Peter Pan ride, a Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and we took a train ride around the park.  We also spent a fair amount of time in Toon Town which is a very toddler-oriented area where Calvin got to play in Mickey, Donald, and Goofy’s houses.  He also (finally!) got to meet Mickey and Goofy!  We even got to see the nighttime parade down Main Street.

We ran into some rain and cold throughout the day but we didn’t let it ruin our day.  On the way out we bought Calvin a Lightning McQueen hat with Mickey Mouse ears.  We didn’t get a chance to ask him what his favorite part of today was since he passed out in the stroller on the way out, but my guess is that he would pick that hat!