Monday, February 25, 2013

Road Trip: Day 11

Thanks to Calvin waking up around 7am this morning, we got an early start.  We drove back through Monument Valley into Arizona to Kayenta before heading east towards Four Corners.  All the way through Four Corners into Colorado, there were constantly Navajo trying to hawk cheap crap but they're fairly easy to ignore.  Sadly, Four Corners itself is in the "Navajo Nation" and they stuck us for $6 to spend 5 minutes standing at the monument.

We didn't even touch an interstate today!  We had a really cool drive through the Rockies to Salida, CO.  Thankfully, we got here during daylight hours and had a nice dinner at a Seafood Bar/Restaurant called Currents.  I had some great locally made wine!

Now we need to figure out what our route tomorrow will be!