Thursday, February 21, 2013

Road Trip: Day 7

Today was kind of a relaxing travel day.  After packing up everything from the hotel room, we spent the morning bumming around Downtown Disney. Specifically, we spent the majority of a couple hours of the morning in the immense World of Disney store and the Lego store.

Calvin fell asleep pretty quick after we hit I-5 south towards San Diego.  On the way, Denise and I hit an In N' Out Burger drive-thru.  We also took a short detour down to the PCH to get a peek at the ocean.

After finding our hotel and unloading some stuff, we headed towards the ocean so Calvin could play around at the beach.  But we had some bad luck in the weather department.  Even though San Diego supposedly has perfect weather year-round, a brief but nasty rain storm passed through while we were at Coronado Beach and we were forced back to the car.  Naturally, the rain was over by the time we made it back across the Coronado Bridge but it was too late.

So instead we bummed around Old Town.  Among the assorted little shops, we hit an old time candy store which Calvin obviously loved.  Then we hit the Old Town Mexican Cafe for a delicious dinner.  Calvin was pretty amazed by the mariachi band that came around and played for us during dinner!

Not surprisingly, Calvin said his favorite part of today was the candy store!