Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Road Trip: Day 12

Today didn't quite go according to plan but it all worked out eventually.  This morning, Denise decided she wanted to drive and promptly got pulled over for speeding.  In her defense, she was passing someone and the cop even said he totally understood.  Unfortunately, he came back and told us that Denise's license was coming up as suspended.  We both just laughed and assured him that it had to be a mistake.  But I pulled up the Minnesota DMV site on my phone and, sure enough, her license showed suspended.  Near as we can figure, it was from a speeding ticket Denise got in Iowa about a year and a half ago.  We paid it, but some lines must have gotten crossed somewhere and they must have suspended her license.  Of course this is all without telling us!  We had no idea that Denise has most likely been driving around for the last year and a half on a suspended license!  Hopefully it'll be easy to straighten out... once Denise can actually get a hold of someone!

So obviously I had to resume driving responsibilities and once again, we were off.  From Salida, we took some nice curvy roads through the Rockies.  Or at least they should've been nice if it weren't for the snow.  But we made it through, we just had to drive a little slow in places.  We made it to Denver with a couple of hours left for Calvin to play at the Children's Museum.  He had a lot of fun!

After that, it should have been an easy hour-long drive on the interstate up to Cheyenne.  But as we got close to the Wyoming border, we saw signs that said the interstate was closed!  So we were forced to take a fairly long detour through the middle of nowhere on gravel roads until we hooked up with US 85.  By the time we got there, the snow was blowing pretty good.  We continued north towards Wyoming, not even knowing if that road was going to be closed too and we'd be forced to turn around.

But we managed to make it, but it was full-on blizzard conditions by the time we pulled into the hotel parking lot.  I overheard that the interstates are closed in every direction tonight.  It's supposed to clear up tomorrow morning so hopefully we'll be able to get out of here so we can make it to Rapid City tomorrow!